Lobster Cafe - Bailey Island

A Slight Rainbow

I had been searching for this place for a very long time. I had visited the island in the early 90s and vowed to come back and photograph it. Life got busy. Anyway, found it I did and it still remains the same.

This particular day was unique. Showers kept on coming in all day and I knew if I found the right spot a rainbow would appear provided the sun was clear setting on the horizon. We drove around the island a bit and waited for that moment. I knew exactly where the rainbow would appear based on what I could see of the clouds moving out to sea.

When that time came, we raced back to this little lobster cafe, and the rainbow appeared exactly where I thought it would, but…

I was not ready for the shot. Typically, it takes me longer to select the proper lens, adjust the settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.), setup the tripod and a whole bunch of other things acquainted with a DSLR camera, than simply using a point and shoot. I would have been better off using one, instead.

The rainbow appeared for only 15 seconds or so. What I caught was the fading aspects of the dazzling colours on display for everyone to see. Those with an iPhone or a handy camera got a great shot. I am happy for them. Me on the other hand? Well, lesson learned. I need to carry my other camera on my shoulder already setup for the shot in case my primary camera is not ready.