Getting Up Early for the Sunrise!

As we approach the summer months, the sun rises quite early. This particular morning was around 5:12 AM, which meant that I had to get to a spot and hoped it would present itself a welcoming vista. That’s not always the case. This morning the tide was exceptional high and as smooth as a polished surface of marble. It was so very still and peaceful.

I drove to the beach along Mile Rd. and continued past this breathtaking scene. I had a feeling to come back. I noticed another photographer at the beach waiting for the sun to appear on the horizon. But I just couldn’t pass up the stillness of the marsh waters. So I returned and found a spot by the side of the road and waited for those few magical minutes when the sky and clouds radiated its dazzling display of color. I was not to be disappointed.

The first image is on the north side of Mile Rd. just when the sun began to peek over the horizon. I decided to shoot a long panoramic, which is comprised of nine separate images stitched and stacked together to capture all of the crisp detail in the scene and the entire cloud bank across the sky. The clouds, along with its reflection, gave me the impression of Nature’s eye looking down upon us with the sun being the glint in the eye. And it’s there to welcome us to another day, yet less than a handful were there to greet it.

The second image was taken on the south side of Mile Rd. just across the road from where I captured the last scene and only 10 minutes later. See how quickly that magical moment of color disappeared? I appreciate this image quite a bit, especially because of the stillness of the marsh waters. Though it does not share the same dramatic vista as the previous image, I am, however, equally impressed with the mirror like surface of the waters and the perfect stillness it presented.

Two images captured within minutes of each other and yet so vastly different.