Spring Unfolding

Spring in New England is a long time coming. Due to weather patterns shifting over the last few years, this last winter season in particular was a very long and cold one. And spring just can’t seem to get a foothold around here.

But we have had a few warm days and that is enough to yield a little of what spring has yet to offer. Cherry blossoms are typically the first to bloom, and they do so very quickly and fade away even faster. Getting in those few shots is about being in right place at the right time, for the next day can yield petals lying about after a day in full bloom.

The image shown here to the right was shot in Portsmouth, NH, right next to a bank; of all places. The entire tree was past bloom and petals were falling about as I was composing this shot. But tucked away behind some flowery guardians, so to speak, was one such blossom just beginning to unfold.

The featured image above was also shot in Portsmouth, NH. It was a windy day and the clouds started rolling in yet again. But this particular blossom was dancing in the wind, and I was lucky enough to catch it with the last bit of the sun’s rays shining upon it.