Sunset on Fisherman's Cove

Sunrise on Fisherman’s Cove

Fisherman’s Cove in Wells is a unique place. It is not much of a beach. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anyone sunbathing out on the rocky shoreline there. But you will see a number of folks sitting there on the ledge waiting for a glorious sunrise.

That’s the kind of place it is, especially a sunrise at very low tide. This was the case here. I was standing ankle deep in water moving my camera about to find the right composition. It took awhile. I wanted to make sure I got the big bad boulder on the right in the image along with the coastline on the left.

I also had to wait for the water to become still. This happens for a very brief moment and only when the movement of the water on the surface switches direction. This is called the slack tide. There is also another facet of the changing of the tide called, standing tide. This is when the actual tide, the full body of water, switches direction.

The standing tide and the slack tides do not necessarily coincide with each other. The latter is always running behind the former. So knowing when this happens is simply a matter of being observant of the motion of the water. The funny thing is, is that you can actually feel a change in your surroundings. It’s gets a little quiet, the wind seems to change a little and the air feels different, too.

Nothing you can actually point your finger to and say this is it. It’s just a feeling, and being in the moment, is the only time you can sense it.