The S.S. Minnow Found on Barter’s Island!

Well, not really. But it certainly does look like the boat Gilligan and his crew departed on for a 3 hour tour. Anyway, these two shots are of the same harbor but from different vantage points. We were in Boothbay Harbor waiting for a sunset shot. The clouds came in and that was it for the day.

All of a sudden the sun started to peek out from under the heavy and fast moving cloud bank, and I was not in a position to capture a good shot. I remembered from earlier in the day a bridge and harbor I wanted to eventually come back to and shoot with the right kind of lighting.

So why not now? It seemed to be the right kind of lighting, but could we get there in time. We raced the car back just in time to catch the last bit of light displaying its magnificent range of colors on the bottom side of this huge cloud bank. I really didn’t have time to setup a long exposure and the water was a little too rough, which would have caused the boats to move too much for a long exposure.

So I got this one shot then moved over to the other side of the bay and caught this one of the remnants of a pier and the S.S. Minnow. The first shot has the full color range exposed, while the second shot (the one with the pier) has an almost black & white feel to it. I edited this image as I normally would for a color exposure, then I went back and exposed it for a black and white. And lastly, I brushed back some of the color detail to give it the effect it has now.